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23 year old illustrator in Melbourne. Designing, drawing, building, crafting, watching, listening, learning.

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Always has been and always will be my favourite packaging design of all time. 🎊
I made a new shiny risograph print on the weekend! The paper is beautiful and the ink went on perfectly. So happy with this one. It’s on my etsy here.


Azuma Makoto sends flowers to space in his latest installation piece, Exobiotanica.

(via missmeds)


More detail shots of the new painting! Still in process but soon to be finished!

While my boyf and I were wrastling, he grabbed my hand and yelled ‘I’ll break your artist fingers and then how will you make a living?!”

True love

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wow what?

I made TWO new zines and they are available in one tidy lil package of spacey goodness. These ones are less drawing and more facts about the Milky Way and the Drake Equation, which are incredibly fascinating subjects (to me).On etsy now!
I’m gonna tag Drake on this and see if anyone thinks its the other Drake.