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23 year old illustrator in Melbourne. Designing, drawing, building, crafting, watching, listening, learning.

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While Sarah is away on a hike I am going to make her desk an installation.

Minna Gilligan, Worried Sick, 2014, Acrylic and spray paint on found fabric - a part of the exhibition Long time no see at Daine Singer.


i require this


victoria-jpg replied to your post: I didn’t get to post this yesterday ar…

What brand eyeliner do you use? ((:

This one is Lime Crime. The brush is average and sometimes takes a few layers but it’s a very rad colour.

And now I am a beauty blogger

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Ashley whattt how do you do your eyeliner one…

I think I have never had a decent mirror and always use a pocket mirror so that’s how I learnt. Slumming it.

I didn’t get to post this yesterday arvo because I thought I broke the studio’s internet. Here you go. I look like a lil rosy cheeked cherub. The eyeliner is blue. I’m listening to Thee Oh Seas. No talking.

Here is a work in progress of a special little project I’ve been working on lately. Made huge leaps of progress today.

I’m going to make a video of me putting on my eyeliner before going to a gallery opening later this afternoon, because I am in that mood today and you are following my blog. And it seems quite a tumblr thing to do.