Ashley Ronning

23 year old illustrator in Melbourne. Designing, drawing, building, crafting, watching, listening, learning.

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Witchcraft, 1964



Just re-opened the online store!

* Supa Relax I & II risograph prints are finally up.

A4, printed with blue and fluro pink ink on archival paper by Caldera Press in Melbourne. They’re super bright - no photo or scan can do them justice!

Available now for $30 + shipping. 

(Sorry to my overseas pals - shipping is a little extra due to bulky size!)

Available here - - >

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Shigeo Fukuda


 bambi/indie blog 

 bambi/indie blog 
celebrities who started off as porn stars :O

what the heck?? this is one of the weirdest reblogs yet
I am featured this month in The Beetle Shack’s artist series! I have been put in charge of the blog header and there’s a lovely interview with me too.