22 year old lady in Melbourne. Designing, drawing, building, crafting, watching, listening, learning.

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Loving the eclectic colour and pattern clashing in this street shot from Shanghai Fashion Week.
I just put a bunch of originals on my etsy for cheap because my room is way too cluttered and I figured this would somehow help!?My shop is here. Tell me you’re from tumblr for some kisses snuck in your envelope.

Polypore. One in a series of eight risograph prints titled ‘Field Studies’ created for Pick Me Up.

sonjabarbaric: Harriet Lee Merrion, Being in love eases the pain


Currently, we’re really digging Architecture in Helsinki’s latest album, and loooving their latest art direction!! Awesome colour tones and cute typeface!

We also love how they’ve have taken themselves into another new level in terms of branding, check out their NOW + 4EVA concept Store. In line with their latest album colour tones/art direction, they’ve collaborated with various creative entities to produce a series of lifestyle products! Wished these were available in Singapore!

Some products in the series include:
• 3D Architecture In Helsinki candy edibles by Lucy McRae
• Limited Edition AIH x Kester Black nail polish
• Limited Edition NOW + 4EVA resin bangle Collab with Dale Hardiman
• Exclusive AIH socks designed by Tightology
• Super limited AIH NOW + 4EVA bags by We Are Itu

Amazing huh!

My dear friend Thomas gave me this beautiful book. The illustrations are gorgeous!